Our Science curriculum is designed to inspire each child to explore, discover, and achieve more in depth understanding of our world and beyond.


    Our Social Studies curriculum encourages creating a sense of global awareness, cultural diversity and an appreciation of ourselves as Americans.



    The Mathematics curriculum incorporates theory, abstract thinking and real world scenarios to assist students in finding solutions to express mathematical concepts.






    The Language Arts curriculum encourages students to build a repertoire of literary experiences, proficient writing skills and  strategies, enhanced vocabulary analysis, reflective reading skills, and quality public speaking skills in order to communicate effectively.






  • ART












  • P.E.



St. Clare Elementary School serves PreK3-5th grade. Our Middle School serves 6th-8th grade in a separate facility that contains a fully-equipped science lab. Our academic program is guided by the accreditation process for Catholic schools, identified by the Texas Catholic Conference Accreditation Commission.  This program requires a commitment to the Texas Essential Skills, or TEKS which are required instructional objectives for each course. The curriculum includes objectives to be taught in each subject area.  Teachers use these objectives to plan their instruction by determining when and how these objectives will be taught, based on a sequential presentation of objectives.  Both formal and informal assessment is used by the faculty to determine each student's mastery of the objectives. Teachers systematically plan for instruction and determine the resources needed to teach the material. Other on-site facilities include a computer lab, a multi-purpose hall, and a school library. Optional hot lunches are served everyday. Before and After School Programs are available, along with many extracurricular activities such as Choir, Chess Club, dance classes, and athletics.



St. Clare of Assisi Catholic School

3131 El Dorado Blvd, Houston, TX 77059

T: (281) 286-3395